Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back from Zombie land

The past three and a half weeks except for a few days here and there like the Celts perking me up and the few trips to the store I have been pretty much sleeping and reading and mostly sleeping pretty much during the day with the nastiest attack on my body yet.My whole body for the second time in four months basically turned red and started itching like crazy and then peeling skin like crazy.Especially painful on the feet and hands and swelling in arms and legs.It's a nasty form of psorias(sp) that attacks my whole body.The medication I'm on works but basically shuts down the immune system to do it leaving me wiped out.Today is the first day I had any kind of energy so hopefully I'll find things to post about again.On the 15th of July I start my twice a month injections under the skin of Humira(sp) a biologic for my disease.I've never injected myself before so I'm a bit nervous about it but if it works with a lot less side effects than the Cyclo Sporine(sp) I'm on now it will be worth it.Oddly enough when I'm feeling low most of my reading has been pulp mysteries instead of my usual highbrow reading.I've read several Robert Crais who has a PI named Elvis Cole prowling the streets of Los Angeles.I'm a sucker for Florida pulp and living in L.A. this is the first guy I've read using it as a city since reading all the classic Raymond Chandler.Crais isn't in that league,heck no one is but some of his descriptions of LA-LA land are pretty good.

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Susan said...

oh dear! Would you like to try some of my macrobiotic cooking? It will make you wish you were better even sooner.