Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blessing of the Fleet

Coming up June 26th-29th is the Provincetown Portugese Festival.It isn't the rowdy event it was back in my day and that may be a good thing but it's still a lot of fun and ends up with the Blessing of the Fleet on Sunday.On Fri night the 27th you can catch the "Old Jugs"(Provincetown Jug Band) at the Surf Club from 10 to 1:00 and on Sunday from 4 to 7 is Ed Sheridan at the Surf Club a Jug Band Member.I'm really tempted to fly in and show up so I can shout"You Guys Suck!", or"Play Something you Know!" like we used to do for fun after a Jug Band song.Several frat brothers and myself did just that one fall night at The Barley Neck Inn not realising the crowd there was a whole lot different than the Surf Club crowd in those days.We were asked to leave after the first set.As we were walking out Geno said to the crowd "If they do this(middle finger raised)they're just showing you their IQ".When we showed up back at the Surf Club from Orleans after getting tossed Richard the Bartender laughed and said"You guys are still standing?" then "I'm not serving you" which led to a few more PTown Bars that night and eventually a room at the old Holiday Inn with another early morning eviction. Lets's see if this links

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