Sunday, June 22, 2008


It has been 95 or above here four straight days and on top of that I have a low grade infection that started in my inner ear and has spread to my whole head making the whole day groggy.I've been on a drug that basically shuts down the immune system to battle a severe psoriasis flare up I had so the infection had nothing to fight it.On monday I go get some antibiotics.I have a portable AC I use in the bedroom but don't run at night so sleep has been mostly during the day.Last night about 10:45 I was online when I heard yelling and looked out the window to see hundreds of bikes pass with what looked like middle schoolers and some adults heading down Beverly Glen.I have no idea where they were going but they passed my window for several minutes and being in another dimension it was surreal.Then about 1 a.m. I crawled on top of my bed book in hand and read for a good hour before drifting off for a few hours with the lights on and the heat and dreamt I was at a party.There were some good looking women there but the thing was everyone was an ice cube and not a human.I was thinking this one would cool me off when I heard what sounded like gunshots coming from a distance and getting closer.I came awake at that and realised it was the paperguy throwing the Sunday L.A. Times into driveways.A few minutes later I heard the thump on my neighbors steps and then the thump of my Sunday N.Y. Times which sounds different to me even though the same delivery guy is throwing them.Later on Sunday I was watching the local news with a story about some idiot who left her dog in the car out in the valley where it's like 105 and the fireman they were talikng to was named Steve Fryer.Given the weather and his profession I caught the irony even in the dream like state I have drifted through the past five days.Just a few hours ago I happened to find and old RX bottle in my medicine cabinet that had five codeine(sp)tabs in it and I thought woo hoo!So I'm about to take one pick up the Henry James book I am reading and drift off to a nice solid sleep for the first time in six nights.

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