Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Posterior Fun

I just saw this headline through the Boston Globe"Dutch man injures posterior in mooning accident"Seems he and some friends thought it would be fun to moon a few folks and he fell backwards through a window.It brought to mind a favorite headline from the old Weekly World News"I Mooned a Werewolf and it nearly cost me my life"That one came with illustrations and involved a Syracuse University student.In real life the oddest one I have seen was driving a dirt road in the hills above Naples N.Y. one late fall day during deer hunting season and a Chevy Blazer coming at us had a naked guy tied on the hood like they did with a deer, moon out whooping and waving a beer can as he looked in on his buddies in the front of the truck.Personal fun included a night early in the summer of 1979 when a few roomies and I played football on 6a in North Truro wearing sport coats and nothing else.We got down and hiked the ball whenever we saw a car approaching us from "behind" so to say and then scamper off the road when we felt the headlights getting close.I am sure some tourists from back then still tell stories about the strange sight they came upon headed for Provincetown where even stranger sights awaited them.

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