Monday, June 30, 2008

Modern Love

I've seen a lot of goofy things on the internet but the story I read today makes me shake my head in wonder at how wacked some people are.This single mother of two in Fla. is selling her house with the hope that a male will buy the house and marry her.She describes herself as a princess lost in America.I'd call her a nut job.She's 42 her oldest daughter is 21 and the other is 14.She's been a dancer but is now selling real estate.This is the part I love.She shows the reporter a picture on her laptop of Claudio,a handsome Italian who answered her ad and they hope to meet in Miami soon.The thing is Claudio's occupation is described as a Wine and Cheese Taster.Excuse me,just what is a wine and cheese taster and how do I get the job.Now if I were this woman Claudio would be triggering red flags all over the place.I'd tell Claudio chow in no uncertain terms.She giggles and says how she'd love to marry a European man and have him take her to europe to live.Another responder of the close to 500 was Ottie of Surrey who bubbled on about a perfect life with an American Princess.Ottie? Oy

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