Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bus Ride Fun

It was Xmass eve day 2008 and I picked up the number 5 Santa Monica bus in Century City to head over to work.As I sat down several seats back on the left I hear the lady in the front seat talking loudly to the bus driver.She seemed to be of Central European extraction with her accent dressed way up and late 70's.She was talking a bluestreak and then gets up and gives the bus driver an orange and then turns to the rest of the bus and tells them they should eat fruit every morning.We keep going down Olympic Blvd and she keeps talking and up comes her stop and she refuses to get off saying it's not where she's getting off.Then two blocks past she says "I think that was my stop"The bus driver gives her a free transfer going the other way and she gets off heading across the street the wrong direction waving and smiling.As soon as she gets off half the front of the bus exclaims about what was she on etc. and the bus driver asks if anyone wants an Orange at which the elder gent sitting across from me points to the sign in front of the bus and says"No eating allowed on Bus" and we all laugh including the driver and I head off to work X-Mass eve day smiling at my L.A. moment.

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