Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hall of Fame

I was happy to see Jim Rice finally get elected to the baseball hall of fame yesterday.Though I became a Sox fan summer of 72 it was 1977 when I saw my first game at Fenway.It was end of July or early August and the three of us guys from the Babes kitchen crew drove from North Truro to Fenway Park after work.The Red Sox had just come off a ten game road trip out west in which they went 10-0 and the first game back were playing Kanas City.I was driving my Vega Wagon and somewhere south of Boston we filled up with gas.Tom was riding shotgun so I made him get out and pump the gas.We pulled out and were all sipping another beer when I heard a thunk and looked in my mirror to see my gas cap go sailing off the roof rack at around 70 miles an hour myself hoping I would not see it hit a windshield.I didn't so I started giving Tom the what for and then we were at Fenway.It's all a blur now except the Sox came from behind and won like 13-10 or something and I slept a lot on the drive back to the Cape though I wasn't driving.I think Jim Manning was which brings it sort of full circle for me with the two Jims.


JAbel said...

Well I looked up the game and it was the Angels they played.Aug 10,1977 and they won 11-10 to run their win streak to 11 which ended the next night.

Susan said...

My niece dated his son briefly. Sadly, it did not go well. We had such visions of good seats.