Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Up the Rhine without a Paddle

One of the somewhere outside Los Angeles Casinos is running local TV spots with different giveaways to entice you to come part with your coin.One of the giveaways is a Castle Cruise up the Rhine.What exactly is that I'm thinking to myself.Is it a cruise in a Castle up the Rhine which would be wicked cool or is it a cruise up the Rhine where you see Castles.If so do they pull the shades down all over the ship if a Castle isn't in view.I suspect a Yale man wrote the ad copy.After all a Yale man was in the White House the past eight years and we all know how that went.One would suspect that Darthmouth and Cornell grads are a bit more smug these days and they may even take a Cruise on the Rhine in which they see Castles and other things.I'd love to do that cruise some day as long as the ship wasn't named the"Lorelei"

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Susan said...

I have been on that cruise! I went with the family I lived with when I was a nanny in Germany. They made sure I saw things. And there's a castle named lorelei, I do believe.