Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cape Cod late spring 1978

The last pic is one of a bunch my brother put up today in the Yahoo group I started for high school buddies.Our friend Tim is in pic on the left and myself on right.My brother,Tim and I had spent the night at the Cranberry Inn in Chatam.The pic is somewhere near the Chatam Light and I still can't recall why I am wearing a Yankees cap in the pic other than to hope a New Yorker visiting Chatam would think I was one of them so I could wreak havoc on his world.That's my dads wagon and I don't know why we were driving that also instead of my Vega wagon.There was a tent in back because the next two nights we stayed incognito at the North Truro Camping area since we were both banned from the summer before by our former employer.We sent Tim into register and our friend Kate loaded him down with all kinds of gifts for us from the camp store.We took Kate to dinner in Provincetown that night and had a great time.A few weeks later I flew back to the cape for season two.

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