Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sworn In

What a long day.I'm tired just from watching the proceedings all day.Had the TV on since 5 a.m. this morning. A few observations.I think Poppy Bush wins the fashion award with the purple and yellow golf look under the overcoat and then a bit later donning the Russian Fur trappers hat.Bill Clinton getting a kiss from George Washington(Barbara Bush)and not slipping her a little tongue. The Irony of Dick Cheney literally covering his butt by parking it in a wheelchair,Injured my ass.It was while watching the parade though that I had my Inspiration of the day.Watching the guys who follow the horses on the parade route and shovel up after them I thought there should be a law that whichever party loses the Presidential Election has to send out Senators and Congressmen to do that job.Lord knows they spend a lot of time on Capitol Hill slinging shit so let them shovel it up once every four years. P.S. Do Jimmy Carter and his wife think the other Presidents have Cooties? First there was the pic of some days ago where all the Presidents were standing together in the oval office except Jimmy who had a good amount of seperation from the other four then today when he seemed aloof at best to the rest of them.Don't you just wish Billy Carter was still around for tonights Balls.He was like Tom Arnold before there was a Tom Arnold.P.S.S. I was just waiting for a live shot of Tom Hanks dressed as Forrest Gump sliding next to one of the ex Presidents or runnning across the reflecting pool yelling like a nut.That would have gotten the Secret Service going but good.

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