Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach Sticker Madness

I was just reading about the uproar in Wellfleet,Mass on the town going after folks with more than one beach sticker on their car.Now on the Cape in each town it's sort of a long tradition to have twenty years of beach stickers on your car.It's sort of silly but people do it to say look at me,I've been here all these summers or as a way to mark their territory and show what town on the Cape they summer In.Like if you have a Truro* sticker you are way cooler than Eastham and such depending on your town and sticker choice.It's just a thing people do probably mostly summer folks but one would think that Town Govt would have a lot more important things to do than go after scofflaws with multiple beach stickers.In fact I think it's an infringement of Free Speech.Man I would love to see this one wind up in the Supreme Court.Whot Larks as they say across the pond on the old sod. *Of course if you have a Truro beach sticker you are cooler than everyone else.

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