Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Radio 10.4 no more

Been reading a bunch of stories and looking at pics about WBCN today and I'm still sad about the whole thing.Another part of youth ripped away for good.I know BCN had not been the station it was for many years but the news just brings back the fact that at one time it was the best freakin FM station in the USA.I had heard it off and on but it wasn't till I went to Northeastern and lived in Boston 8-9 months of the year and the rest on the cape that I heard it all the time.My friend from my town of Pittsford,N.Y. was going to Berklee and when I got to Boston I hung out with him a lot.Pedro was good buddies with Eddie Gorodetsky who was writing or getting paid for doing something at BCN at the time.My first BCN event I went with Pedro,Eddy and a DJ named Tami(Heidie) to the first Superman movie.I recall Tami because one of the plugs for her was the music from the movie Tami.I spent some great nights up near the top of the Pru and at some great parties at Eddys or some DJ'S house.What DJ'S they had back then.Charles Laquidara and his sideshow on weekdays and his alter ego Duane Glasscock on Saturdays.I still recall the day he played the Kinks"Superman" for 4 hrs straight.Mark Parenteau whose love of young boys wound up costing him some prison time but I still think he was the best DJ of them all.A real wise ass and I thought the most real of the DJ'S but then he never hit on me when I was around him.John Brodie was a fave because in the summer of 77 he played cuts from "Exodus" all the time on his afternoon show.We would park above Cold Storage beach in North Truro spark one up and on would come Exodus or Turn Your Lights Down Low,Hell every cut on the album was a keeper and John played them all. We really really got into Bob Marley that summer though I never met John Brodie till he moved to LA and his really nice wife Mavis worked at EMI with my buddy.Oedipus who was just starting out there when I met him and was sort of offputting to me.I think it was when Oedipus gained control the station started on it's long slow slide.Of course the rise of corporate radio was the big reason.Back then BCN jocks actually picked all or most of their own music.They turned me on to the Clash for one thing.I'll never forget a day driving from the Cape back to Boston one fall afternoon when the DJ played the Byrds"Chestnut Mare" which I can't recall ever hearing on any station.Now it's like an 8 minute song and he went from that into "Cinnamon Girl" followed by "Waiting for the Man" and then "Somebody Got Murdered".Nobody mixed music like WBCN.It's like will never be seen again.

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