Monday, July 13, 2009

Eat at Babes

I had a nice phone chat with my old boss Claudia on Sunday about all kinds of things.When she was in France/Germany during the spring as I mentioned Madame her mother passed away and as a result Claudia never had the renovations that needed to be done on the house in Menerbes she bought last year put into action.So she has lost this summer as using it as a rental property.Then when she arrived in North Truro on July 2nd found out the nutjob that is leasing Babes had installed an outdoor patio for dining without her permission or even mentioning it.To top it off the town of Truro is trying to push through"affordable housing" on pretty much the same piece of land she had to fight in court over a few years back which involved well field issues.It's amazing to me that after sticking a new library and community center in that same area the town now wants to destroy a wooded area in fact one of a few left for housing.This while the old Air Force tracking station is being used as an"arts center".Lord knows that part of the Cape doesn't have enough space for artists at the expense of working year rounders and so the towns refusal to put any housing on the former base is a great mystery.Plus from what I understand the old fire station in North Truro is now used as housing at the tune of over 1100.00 a month.Now who is that affordable for?

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