Saturday, July 25, 2009

Death of the Urban Tomato

I do beleive I mentioned here about the Tomato plant growing out of a storm drain some weeks ago.It's hard to keep track because I am reading and posting on an ever expanding series of sites.Anyhoo today while waiting for the Bus I noticed the Tomato plant was severed and nothing left but the base stem.Now it may have been a weed wacker that got it as the carwash occupying the site has a small strip of grass there above it but then they also have a little fish pond and flower garden on the next corner so I'm thinking maybe the Streetsweeper Truck got it finally on it's weekly pass.Since the three tomatoes were very green last Saturday I doubt anyone picked them but standing there lokking at the severed Tomato plant I noticed Purslane growing in a crack in the pavement.Now Purslane is aweed but also a nice salad ingredient.


Susan said...

I didn't realize you were posting elsewhere! I'll have to do some snooping.

JAbel said...

Well I do post on a certain Trout site but it is as much about Trout as Brautigan's"Trout Fishing in America" is.I thought you would weigh in on the Beach Sticker uproar in Wellfleet.