Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Are They Smoking Them With?

I was at Trader Joe's today in the Anchovie section when I started browsing.Eveyone once in awhile I get a jones for the tinned smoked oysters or trout.I spotted the Trout fillets for .99 and the I noticed next to them the Smoked Trout fillets for 3.29.They were both the same size tin so I'm wondering what on earth are they smoking them with to make the price jump that much.So the jones went away and I took the salty little fish home with me.


Susan said...

Trader Joe's has an anchovy section?

Also, I'm afraid I know nothing about Trout, smoked or otherwise.

JAbel said...

You are right that it is Anchovy as singular.I really should check my spelling sometime.