Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shining Bright

On Friday night the big sign light on top of Genesee Brewery in Rochester was relit after 40 years of neglect and darkness.It will shine like a beacon to those who beleive and those lost souls that don't.My family has a long history with Genesee Brewery.At one time in the 60's there were probably 8 or 9 Abels employed there and we go way back to the end of Prohibition and some before.In high school my one Uncle was in the front office and we would mosey down to the city and he would send us down to the taproom for a few cases gratis.The new owners have dropped the goofy High Falls Brweery name and returned to the original Genesee Brewery and seem to have a better understanding of the long history of the Brewery to Rochester.It really is one of the last Independents around so I hope they make a go of it.I can't wait to get home and drive down there at night in October to pay homage to the great light.

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