Saturday, August 9, 2008

Babes Alumni

On Tues I talked to my old boss Claudia for well over 40 minutes and caught up on the past eight years.I found out her mother is still alive and living at her house in Germany.The guy leasing Babes from her is an arrogant ass and has done all kinds of things to our beloved restaurant he is not authorized to do in the lease and got info on some of the old gang.One was a youngster named Crit Bliss who was my backup one year while still in high school and then my last summer of 81 took over the Toastman spot in the kitchen when my buddy Tom went off to the real world.81 though was my last summer and it turned into a fairly short one when after three weeks I was in the Surf Club one Wed night with an old girlfriends dad(We were surf fishing as far as Mr. Worth's wife knew)when we ran out of money so I wandered over to the Bradford where my roomies were listening to Magic and the Reggae Stars but stepped off the curb at the Surf Club with untied wallabies and did a nasty ankle sprain.That led to a trip to the hospital all the way in Hyannis after I limped to the Bradford.There I was given crutches,a rather large supply of Percocet with refills and told to stay off it for three weeks.After three weeks of lying about in the sun and free drinks at the Surf Club in exchange for samples of said pain killers I went back to Babes but by the end of the first day back it was obvious my ankle was in need of more off time.I spent the rest of the summer playing country squire and Crit bless his soul retired my apron to the kitchen rafters of Babes with my name just like an ex Celtic.So I found out from Claudia and I just had it confirmed that Crit and his wife Diane own Luscious Louies Pastry and Cafe in Chatam,Mass.So if anyone gets to Chatam,a picture post card kind of Cape Place give him the buisness.

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