Friday, August 29, 2008


For the second time in two weeks my Seinfeld rerun station is running "Jaws" and since it runs so long it knocks out both Seinfeld reruns.I still fail to see how "Jaws" made so much money.The movie has virtually no plot but still manages to drag on for three hours.I have never read the Peter Benchley novel but he co-wrote the screenplay also.Even though it was filmed on Marthas Vineyard Benchley was a Nantucket boy and from my years on the Cape all I have to say is they must have REALLY hit the sauce hard on Nantucket in those days for him to write a book turned into a three hour movie in which a shark eats several people,really dislikes a boat and that's about it.Bad Cinema doesn't begin to describe this.I'd almost rather watch Mailer's"Tough Guys Don't Dance" again filmed in P-Town,Truro and Wellfleet.At least the actors in that flick seemed to know they were making a bad movie"

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Susan said...

My father-in-law had a bit part in Jaws. Not enough to make me watch it.