Friday, August 29, 2008

Brit Lit

One of the books I am currently reading is one that was in a box of mysteries a friend sent for summer reading.But this book is real lit which makes me wonder why it was in the box but I'm happy it was.The writer is William Boyd and the novel is"A Good Man in Africa"I believe it's his first novel from 1981 and it's set in the mid to late 60's in a small African country where the main character,Morgan is a mid level diplomat who as the book progresses manages to dig himself into deeper and deeper doo-doo on seemingly small events.Much drinking,blackmail ,affairs,social disease and tge regular chain of things being stationed in a backwater.It reminds me a bit of "Money" by Martin Amis and a bit of"Our Man in Havana" by Graham Greene.The blurb on the book says he writes in the style of Waugh but I've never read any.It's full of that cyncical dry British Wit about the most common of daily rotines and I must say the best novel I've read in some years.I have heard of Boyd but never read any and several other of his novels now look promising to me.I was looking at reader reviews on Amazon and loved one from a Mr.Pineapples(Rural England)"I began disliking the main character in this plot-Morgan-largely because he was rude about the Welch-too much of that in the world today" Now that's funny because it reminds me of the style of the novel.Indeed I'm wondering if Mr. Pineapples in rural England is actually Boyd having a pull at our leg.Anyhoo Mr. Pineapples goes on to describe the novel as another excellent novel from Boyd or some such rot.If you like this sort of thing you won't be dissapointed and you can read Mr. Pineapples thoughts at Amazon under reader reviews.

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