Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ghosts of Xmass past

I was reading a blog by Fred tonight actually two blogs.Fred is active in the Cape Cod music scene I found out and he has to know one of my Jug Band pals Tim Dickey.Anyhoo years ago when I first was in L.A. I went east for Xmass(83 or 84) and got a fare where I hit Rochester(Pittsford),Boston,Orlando then back to L.A..I took a whole bunch of powder back east and the last night in Pittsford went to the village bar Thirstys(Ed Sheridan another Jug Band member knows it well).I had a bunch of half and whole grams packaged and as the night went on I seemed to be doing a brisk buisness.After Thirstys we went to a girls apt in the city of Rochester and did more drugs and my friend dropped me off at the airport as the sun was coming up and I was spinning.Reaching into my pocket I found hundreds of dollars I hadn't had when the night started.Early flight to Boston and I'm starting to come down really fast.I land and my ex frat brother Jimmy is nowhere to be found.I'm outside with a wicked hangover by now and after several calls and two hours Jimmy shows up after waiting at the wrong terminal.We go over to the Marriot Long Wharf and get our room where we run into another ex brother in town from Chic with girlfriend.Hugs all around then off to the hotel bar which leads to an early dinner at Legal Seafoods and then Jimmy and I head off to Doyles in Jamacia Plain to see the Jug Band play.Between sets I'm backstage with the boys dishing out more powder and we stay till the end and party some more and get dropped off at the hotel in the Jug Band van.Jimmy vanishes on me and shows up ten minutes later with a partially eaten pizza he picked up from outside someones hotel room door after they left it out for room service to pick up.I finally drift off about 4 a.m. early monday morning and wake to find both Jimmy and I are lying on top of our beds in our underwear.The kicker is our curtains our wide open and right across a narrow wharf is a multi story office bldg. where ladies are typing away at their desks and since I can easily see them I assume they can easily see us.I wake Jimmy and we are laughing at the fact these ladies have been able to see these two passed out drunks in underwear for well over an hour.After another day in Boston it was off to Florida where things got worse.The last night of the trip I gave all the coke I had left away to this guy at a bar in Winter Park telling him I didn't want to see it anymore.

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