Thursday, August 7, 2008


This afternoon Sweet Pea and older brother Knuckle Sandwich were outside with their mom and knuckles little gal pal from across the street.Sweet Pea, 5 in Nov. was wearing her new bikini and after much running around instead of going to the park with the huge fountains they went across the street to the house of Knuckles gal pal to run around in a sprinkler.I found out though that sweet pea doesn't have a bikini.I heard it as a zoo kini and she seems quite firm about that.So after her Mom talked about it with another neighbor and Scout our friendly dog was scanning the trees for squirrels I went inside and as I walked across the back of the bldg to my stairs and past all our herbs and vegetable plants it dawned on my dim bulb of a mind sweet pea was saying she was wearing a zu kini(It's not a Bikini).That brings to mind a friend back east whose now 13 year old daughter came home after her first day of first grade and was telling her parents the names of teachers in her classes.Mr. Brown for Math,Miss Lebowski for reading etc and then gets to gym and says her teachers name is someone called Phys Ed.I still can get her going by bringing that up.

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