Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was talking to a friend tonight who was talking to a friend from our town who moved away after the 9th grade and in the past few years come back to Pittsford to visit my buddy.Anyhoo this guy lives around Dallas and told my friend Tom he was out on his patio the other night and clipped his toenails.He went inside to get a beer came back out and sat down when he noticed one of his clipped nails was moving.Then he noticed another and another and soon they were lined up and moving away from him.He told my buddy he thought maybe it was one of those Acid flashbacks they tell you about and he's staring at his nails moving off in line when he see's a fire ant underneath one and then the others.They marched the nails right off to their hole and vanished.Sort of remindsme of"The Married with Children" where little alien guys were stealing Al's smelly socks for fuel on their spaceship and no one believed him.

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