Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manny It was Time to Go

The previous pic of Manny is from last year when he hit the monstrous three run homer against the Angels in round 1 of the AL playoffs to give the Red Sox a 2-0 series lead.It was one of those Manny Homers that you knew was way gone the moment it left his bat and sent Fenway Park rocking.That was the Manny we all loved.Manny was our goofy relative we all put up with cause that's the way he was and New England has always loved individuals and lord Manny was an individual but in the past few weeks the whole Manny saga unraveled so quick I'm still not thinking it happened.Much as I hate to say it the Red Sox did the right thing in sending Manny away.Manny had gone way beyond eccentric with his actions of late and it became apparent Manny was a cancer in the Red Sox clubhouse and that his selfishness was growing day by day and when it really looked like to me he had quit on his teamates at least twice in the past ten days it was time.It's a sad end to a chapter but Manny has no one to blame but himself and his way inflated ego.We knew this day was coming but not so soon.I applud the Red Sox for standing up to Manny and his boorish agent.The new guy Jason Bay not only played for Chatam in the Cape Cod League but also for the Vermont Expos and he's a Canadian to boot!His dad was a diehard Red Sox fan from British Columbia no less.Plus he got out of Pittsburgh!Now back to regular posts.

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