Saturday, April 4, 2009

Job Interview

My post last night got me thinking about the spring of 1981 when I actually thought of not working at Babes Restaurant for the summer because the Provincetown Advocate the local weekly had an ad that spring for and ad sale rep.I took the bus out to P-town one March saturday morning from Boston and as I stepped off across from the Surf Club I went into the town bathrooms right next to the bus stop.A guy that was on the bus came in and standing next to me asked in a low voice"Is there a Cemetery in town?". I reply that indeed there is one on top of the hill up behind the Provincetown Monument the big stone thing you can't miss.He replies sneering at me"Good cause I came to bury someone" and then cackled like a deranged killer.Now I'm thinking OKAY and then I thought it's great to be back in Provincetown.I went to some place near the Post Office Cafe for lunch and had a great cream of broccoli soup then went and interviewed with Duane Steele the Advocate publisher at the time and had a nice chat but didn't get the job.After I was back at Babes that summer Claudia the owner told me their attorney was the Advocates attorney etc. and she could have put in a good word but I was happy to be back in the kitchen at Babes with my buddies and whatever waitress or waitresses I fell for that summer.The best damm job I ever had or will have unless there is actually a job that pays you just to hang out in Key West all winter.Another bus trip to P-Town in the offseason there was a guy on the back of the bus who kept laughing like a loon then coughing like he was hacking up a lung followed by mumbling and then loudly"Shit Stains,You're all a Bunch of Shit Stains".This went on every five minutes or so from Hyannis till around Orleans when the bus driver told him to shut the hell up or he was throwing him off the bus.I miss those off season trips but I doubt they are as colorful anymore.

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