Saturday, April 18, 2009


I received word on Saturday that the old owner of my beloved restaurant Babes had passed away at her house in Germany on the 14th.The summer I first worked at Babes in 1977 her daughter Claudia took over as Madames husband Rene had passed away the previous winter.Rene by the way is mentioned in the Tom Kane book I put up the pic of Cape Cod Chronicles for his wonderful cakes and pastries.Anyhoo Madame still visited each summer and was an imposing woman.We had many talks on History of which she shared a passion and she gave me several books on French and German History though two were in fact in French and German and I heard stories she was in the French Resistance as a young woman though I never asked her about it.She always called the kitchen crew her boys and she doted on us.Several of the Babes crew wound up camping out in her Paris apt one fall on a trip I did not go on.Claudia and daughter happened to be in Germany for Easter from Montreal and so were at her side.On another note the temp is about to jump from around 8o degrees today to 93,94 and 90 the next three days before dropping back to a high of 68 on thurs.I am glad I was lazy last weekend and didn't replant all the patio pots and wall space.


Susan said...

I love how connected you still are to Babes and the original owners. It must have been an amazing time, filled with amazing people.

JAbel said...

Susan the daughter Claudia actually still owns Babes and lives in the biggest of the three cabins and house next to it during summer.The guy she is leasing it to has done some things like removing the counter and some of the kitchen he wasn't allowed to under the lease and then has been telling folks he owns the place.I don't know why he is still there other than after battling the town over her wellfield that she wants to take on more legal expense.But we did have a close group those years and heck it was the Cape in Summer!