Friday, April 3, 2009

NEZ 255 St. Paul Street

The previous pic is that of my home off and on for four years while I was at Northeastern Univ. my 5th stop in my college years counting two year schools and thanks to Dave C. for finding the pic.We were evicted by Brookline in 1988 seven years after I departed for the west coast.The house was white in my day but oddly enough a pic of it I have seen from 1966 it was yellow with green trim and shutters long gone when I lived there.It wasn't a fraternity in a sense one thinks of a bunch of jocks hanging out but it was a lot more like the Delt house in Animal House which oddly enough after we moved to Jamacia Plain for some years were kicked out by Northeastern because we were a local frat.So a few years ago we were reborn as the NEZ chapter of Alpha Delta Phi(the Delts) though the Dartmouth chapter based on Animal house was kicked out the Natl around the start of the 70's.Anyhoo I really had a wonderful time living there.College is a lot more than just going to class which I sometimes did but I read a shitload of books that had nothing to do with the classes I was taking.Summers I was off to North Truro for work except 1980 when my co-op job with the New England Press Association meant I had to stay in Boston with bus or car trips to the Cape just about every thurs night till Sunday night.The frat was pretty empty in the summer so I had the best bedroom in the house to myself located on the second floor at the rear with a fireplace.I started out reading Malcolm Lowry's "Under the Volcano" then his "Ultramarine" either drinking Gin and Tonics or Pickwick Ale or Ballantine Ale in 16oz bar bottles and chain smoking Camel straights.Then I read the Yukio Mishima Sea of Fertility Tetralogy the first of I think was "Spring Snow" which at the time had a cool cover I put put a small piece of glass on top of and snorted lines off of.It was a great summer even though I wasn't in North Truro with my gang every day.Next up the P-Town Jug Band shows at NEZ.

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