Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visa in many colors

I've seen this Visa ad on TV of late that uses the Moody Blues song"Tuesday Afternoon" as the background showing an aquariam somewhere with the father taking his daughter there.Now it's all warm anf fuzzy but if I'm not mistaken and I may be but I thought that song was about an acid trip.I have that CD lying about but it won't say.But just listening to the song in the ad makes me want to drop a hit of windowpane if I still did that sort of thing.In fact I think the last time I did that sort of thing was way back in the 80's at our Lake Tahoe hideout and woke up to my old LA roomate Charlie doing a naked dance with some large bird feathers at dawn on the front porch.The house is around 6500 ft above sealevel so we were out on a fairway of the golfcourse in the wee hours and the stars were so low in the sky we thought we could actually touch them.At that point we were both fully clothed.Sometime after that my tales of this being an old Indian site had some impact on Charlie.

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