Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I noticed today looking at my grocery store flyer the Paas easter egg dye kits.Now I recall those same Paas easter egg dye kits when we were growing up and sure enough according to one site the Paas kits have been around 125 years.Also I was at Trader Joe's the other day and bought a liter bottle of Tejava Iced Tea for the first time.Now I'm an Iced Tea junkie in the warm weather months and was really impressed with the Tejava.I make my own do the sun tea thing and like Trader Joes gallon jugs of their own black tea.In Calif at least it's sometimes hard to just find unsweetened black tea.But one can find loads of sweet teas and those freakin peach and whatnot flavored things.There is nothing more annoying than Chip or Wendy telling you all they serve is peach/mango or some freaking berry thing as the only iced tea.It's like asking for a Martini and the person says Gin or Vodka.Excuse me but Gin is a Martini and anything with Vodka is some weak ass imitation and properly not a Martini.End of Rant.

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