Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Mentor

I was thinking tonight about my old friend Geno Haggerty and I see I missed what I think is the 7th anniv of his passing on March 28th,2002.Geno's health problems came from when he fell off the stage at a Truro Dump Dance and he injured both legs badly.The town of Truro never offered any help and in fact denied any fault at all but circulation problems in Geno's legs after that led to his death.After I left the Cape summers and the several memorable Jug Band shows at our frat house in Brookline including two after I had moved to L.A. I would send Geno postcards from all over saying the Jug Band should play here.My favorite and his was the Indian Room at the Awahnee Hotel in Yosemite which I told him would be perfect for a Jug Band show.In my years after I moved to L.A. Geno would send me pictures he had taken on the Cape and he really had some talent.My favorite Geno thing though was a year or so after I moved to L.A. and was in Key West at Captain Tonys bar one morning around 10 after a long night out when the phone rang and the girl tending bar yelled out "hey dad it's some guy named Geno from Provincetown for you"I asked her if it was Geno from the Jug Band and she said I think so they might play here in Feb.It turned out the bartender girl was Capt. Tonys daughter and while Tony was talking I asked her if she could put me on at the end.She did and I said hello to Geno and told him who it was and he paused a minute then I heard Tim Dickey laughing in the background while Geno was asking me what the hell I was doing in Key West instead of Los Angeles and Capt Tony is yelling behind me"I just bailed him out of jail Geno!".We had a good laugh about it next time we met in Provincetown.He was a good man and truly was the heart and soul of the Provincetown Jug Band.

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