Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The past few nights I've been reading mostly "Green Mountain Farm" by Elliot Merrick which is about he and his wife buying a Northeast Kingdom farm for 1,000 dollars during the depression.It's been first rate so far and reminds me a bit of a book I really loved when it came out in the late 80's,"My Pamet" by Tom Kane.That book was a compilation of Kanes weekly posts in the Provincetown Advocate and Cape Codder as Town Father from the 50's to the mid 80's.His stories though go back to his boyhood on the cape and since I haven't read the book since it came out I think I'll do a reread next.It's still available in the original hardcover though there might be a paperback version.Speaking of Vermont they are in the frozen four starting on thurs in DC and I'm rooting for them over the hated BU in the second semi final of the day.My fiction reading at present is the last reread of Fitzgerald"The Beautiful and the Damned" which after thirty plus years I recall nothing about so it's like reading it for the first time.Of course when I read it senior year in high school it was around the time we were doing acid or mescaline every few nights so that may have something to do with the memory banks.I'm finding it a lot more cynical than most F. Scott this time around.Since I've re read Gatsby and Tender is the Night several times over the years I can't compare it to rereading all this other Fitzgerald I've read this year for the first time since 73-74.

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