Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I watched with some amusement and some sadness today at these events.Amusement that this is happening this year.Where were all these concerned citizens the past several years as the deficit ran into the billions and billions most of it off the books so to say for the"liberation of Iraq" no questions asked even as some in Congress asked.Now all of a sudden the right wing radio voices are up in arms and concerned for the future of the country and their mindless minions are also.The signs and words denouncing the President and Dems would be amusing if it wasn't so sad.The same Repub righties who gave billions away to Bush are now concerned Patriots and dropping the key words to get folks scared.Pelosi,Socialism,Barak Osama are just a few.That they would stoop so low is not a surprise to me after all the failed Right wing policies of the past eight years put us in the mess we are in today but to think it isn't going to cost us a dime to get us of the this huge mess is either naive or stupid or a bit of both.I also love the fact that todays protests were being pushed as some grass roots thing started by a few concerned citizens on the internet that was picked up by right wing radio and carried forward though in fact the group behind it all is a lobbying firm with Dick Armey calling the shots.The same Dick Armey who never met a Pork project he didn't love for his Texas district is now the Patron Saint of fiscal prudence.The same Dick Armey who pushed through deregulation of the banking industry in his prime.

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