Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Helicopters

So tonight around six I'm reading the end of "True North" the novel which has a very strange end but more on that later when I start hearing Big Choppers in the sky.I look out my window and see a Blackhawk UH-60 I beleive they are called going by low towards Santa Monica airport.Then I heard more and it dawned on me since the President was just in Orange County he must be coming into LA already.Next thing I saw was amazing because I watched a Blackhawk putting down on what looked like Motor Ave(Usually they fly the copters into nearby Santa Monica Airport) which runs dead end into Fox Studios.It was then I noticed traffic on my cross street Beverly Glen was very heavy so wandering outside I saw that Pico Blvd. was blocked both ways at Beverly Glen.Then I saw all the folks hanging out along Pico so I surmised that the helicopter put down on Motor to send the President into his motorcade to Century City where one hotel was popular with past Presidents for fund raisers and staying.But the motorcade unlike the Bush years did not come up Beverly Glen past me but went the other way down Pico back towards L.A..Then later tonight I hear that Obama is in fact staying at the Beverly Hilton which was so far off the radar the police said there wern't even any Lovers or Haters outside the hotel when the motorcade pulled up.I'll tell you though having several Blackhawks swooping around low over your building is a bit unnerving.Not only are they rather large and loud but sinister looking in that flat black.


Susan said...

I always thought the black helicopters were silent. They are when I imagine them coming to get me. Too much Conspiracy Theory watching.
They are silent because they are made of lumellyt, which is my word verification.

JAbel said...

I think someone should do a book on the meanings of these word verifications.I know your friend Fred got me fascinated with them.Mine right now is perintes.