Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A comment in my Santa Monica Seafood post from I beleive a Wellfleetian today got me thinking about Oysters.Several years ago while back home in Rochester,NY I took the train down to NYCity to visit a friend and his wife.We went to the Grand Central oyster bar one night to meet up with a frat brother of mine who was living in NY.I ordered six oysters to start but you could mix and match so I picked two Wellfleets,two Prince Edward Islands and two from the Vancouver area.The difference between the oysters was amazing and not something I expected.I mean you think a raw oyster is a raw oyster but they aren't.You really should try it sometime with several different Oysters.In fact they were so good I ordered six more but all Wellfleets.When I was still at Northeastern some friends from Roch came up one fall weekend and with another Roch friend from Harvard we all went to the Legal Seafood across from The Copley Plaza on a fri night.Since Legal didn't take reservations and the place was packed we were at the bar for a long time and started ordering plates of oysters.My friend Russ loaded one up with horseradish and Tabasco being young and foolish and as he slurped it in the heat of it hit him and he coughed it out so hard it sailed a good five yards and landed in the bartenders tip glass behind the bar on a shelf.The whole bar broke into applause and the bartender rang his tip bell in appreciation.I'd also like to thank squid jigger for having a Chesterfield Kings song on one of his playlists I looked at.One of Rochester's great garage bands and a regular act at the old Scorgies,the now defunct haven of punk bar in downtown Rochester though there was a reunion show this winter at the German House of several of the bands that made Scorgies famous.



Yes yes yes THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS, they are making a bit of a comeback all BIG hair and mascara and full tilt garage fuzz grooves. I actually have them in the rotation for this weekends SQUID JIGGER'S BALL's ode to Spring, a real finger snappin' toes a tappin' groovy time. Head on over folks, give a listen ,stay awhile, smell the sonic flowers....streaming LIVE on WOMR.org 9 to midnight (EST).
Heigh ho.


Oh yes, and it's true I am a 'Fleetian, that's right say it LOUD, I'm a 'Fleetian and proud, dig it. And as a resident, I was able to get my professional Oyster license. Finest Kind, my friends, finest kind.