Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corned Beef and Cabbage

I did my Corned Beef last night so tonight it was easy leftovers.I put the corned beef on the stove for three and a half hours and the sucker was falling apart.I cooked the veggies seperate this year because I don't like the taste the corned beef liquid imparts into the taters.The odd thing is whenever I do a brisket for anything else it's on the Weber or in the oven.Because SweetPea left my Iris's alone I bought her a bunch at Trader Joes yesterday.She and her brother were outside in back so I took them down and she said Thank You and then asks right away"John could you take them upstairs and give them to my Mom or Dad to put in water"Then a few minutes later she asked me if I was going to bring out any snacks while I'm trying to read the NYTimes.So I went and got some pistachios and after awhile she says.Don't you have any apple slices.So it was back upstairs for apple slices.I told her mom she's only five and she's already wrapping men around her finger.Meanwhile her brother Knuckle Sandwich asks me if I'm going to smoke a cigar.I tell him no and he says when was the last time you smoked one.I say about ten days ago when I was out with you and he says man thats a long time to go.I want to see you smoke another one.I did get through the Monday NYTimes regardless.


Colburn said...

How many pages is the Monday Times these days. About 20 altogether?

It sounds like Knuckle Sandwich is a corrupting influence. Didn't your mother warn you not to hang around with bad seeds like him?

JAbel said...

When I smoked the first one he kept telling me "You don't look good,your face is turning green" till I went and looked in my bathroom mirror.Well I wasn't.He's a wise guy!