Monday, March 30, 2009


ABC news tonight had a story on a language school in Japan where the instructor uses Barack Obama speeches to teach his students English.It was pretty fascinating watching them repeat Obama lines in English or sometimes fractured English.The instructor has also used speeches of Martin Luher King and JFK to teach students.So I got to thinking it would be cool to go there and open up a Language school teaching English by using Three Stooges videos and some of Richard Pryor's live footage.I'd also throw in some Joe Pesci from"My Cousin Vinny" and of course tapes of Gilbert Gottfried. For the very good students I'd throw in some Leon Spinks to really challenge them or some Ozzy Osbourne. Maybe even a little Jedd Clampett and Granny just for giggles.Heck I might be able to franchise it around the non English speaking world.*If you know what 60's sitcom Fabersham came from and what it was give yourself an A plus plus and get outside and away from Nicks TV land for a few hours.

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