Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surf Music

I finally ordered a replacement copy tonight of Brian Wilson live at the Roxy.My copy vanished and I noticed a few weeks ago it is no longer available though it's not that old.I think it was Brimel records or something that put it out and though the DVD is around not the CD.So I bought a used copy since new ones are going for 45.00 and way above.It got me thinking about some of the older things I had lying about on LP so I dug out my copy of The Malibooz from 1981 with the great Surfin Ghost on it.The Malibooz are led by Walter Egan of Magnet and Steel fame and have put out several albums over the years.Surfin Ghost was a really cool song with the clever little"You'll never hear psychedelic music again" chanted at the end in a flip response to the old Hendrix line"You'll never hear surf music again".The other gem I pulled out was the 1978 Euclid Beach Band's"There's no Surf in Clevland" which is straight on Surf Pop but a catchy tune and produced I beleive by Eric Carmen from the Raspberries.



Hey is that there LIVE Brian Wilson the one backed by the Wondermints? Or is that later? SMILE era? Let me know the scoop. Also, I found this here factoid: As per Dick Dale, according to the liner notes of Better Shred Than Dead: The Dick Dale Anthology, the line "Then you'll never hear surf music again." was Hendrix's way of encouraging Dick Dale while he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer.
(it's from Wikipedia so it MUST be true)

JAbel said...

The Brian Wilson 2CD Live at the Roxy is from 2000 and it is with the Wondermints so it's before the release of the Smile package.It is on Brimel records and it turns out who I bought it from through Amazon was an outfit called secondspin which has a website but I'm sure you can download most online.I'm just not to good at doing that yet.Call me old school.Interesting about the Dick Dale thing.He is always playing small clubs around LA especially the Beach towns.