Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grazing at the Supermarket

So I took my usual saturday morning trip up to my Ralphs market and it was free treats all over!.Well not all free.As I walked up the Girlscouts(actually a Brownie Troop) were selling cookies.Now I recently ran out of my east coast haul from last fall of nieces and friends daughter which is when they sell them in Syracuse and Rochester.I bought a few boxes from the young ladies and then made my way into the store.When I reached seafood/meat there were some kind of garlic shrimp samples so I had a few.Then coming out of produce I hit a goldmine.A Boars Head lady was set up offering cocktail franks of which I had several and four different cheeses in cubes which I stabbed a few of with my toothpick.Then it was on to the actual Deli where I sampled a slice of the turkey breast I was buying.At the Deli counter was a tray of Kerri Gold Irish Cheddar cubes so I partook of those also.Reaching the checkout line with about fifteen toothpicks I was next to a table set up offering pieces of the bakery's glazed donuts so I had two for desert.A little wine or beer giveaway and I might not have left for a few hours.

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