Saturday, March 28, 2009


I was talking to Knuckle Sandwich tonight on the patio as I was grilling a steak.I didn't see him on Fri so I wished him a Happy Birthday and asked him about his little party which was in a nearby park with several boys and two girls from school.His female classmate and buddy from across the street couldn't make it so it wasn't three girls.I asked him how it was and he said it was lots of fun.I asked him if he had cake and he said we had pizza.You had pizza for cake?.No we had cupcakes.Guess what I had,A mocha.You mean Mocha frosting?,No a mocha cupcake.Now I'm not advanced past chocolate or yellow cupcakes so this was news to me.I haven't looked it up yet to see if there is such a thing or if it was the frosting.


Susan said...

If there is such a thing, I want one.

JAbel said...

Turns out the 8 year old knows more than I do.There are indeed Mocha Cupcakes.Lots of recipes online also.The first one I saw was from Cooks.Com