Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last night I was watching a rerun of Boston Legal which aren't reruns for me because I never watched the show before but anyhoo William Shatner and James Spader went fishing in Canada and on comes this really catchy tune about Welcome to Canada,it's the Maple Leaf State so I look it up and it's by some group called Five Iron Frenzy which appears to have been out of Denver in the late 80's.They were described as a Ska-Punk band and the song is out there downloadable for free.I guarantee you'll like it.They even mention Willian Shatner in the song as they do Milk in a bag,Venison Slurpie and the terms take off and Eh?.I started watching these on Ion tv which is over the air and in the later ones Shatner and Spader are on a terrace pretty much at the end of each show drinking scotch smoking stogies and talking life.I hadn't smoked a Cigar in a few years but that darn show caused me to order 25 by mail order from Thompsons Cigar in Tampa.Every ten days or so I smoke one on the patio and the last time SweetPea was out.She was fascinated by the whole thing then told me that smoking isn't good for me but at least I don't inhale the cigar she said.A smart little five year old she is.The song by the way is titled Oh,Canada but not that one though there is a horn hook in the middle of the real Oh,Canada my favorite of National Anthems by the way especially when sung by the late Roget Doucet at the old Montreal Forum before a Habs game.

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